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Alexa('s) Mirror

Alexa’s Mirror is a smart mirror that encourages self-love through positive reinforcement. In order to turn on the lights around the mirror to see oneself better, one has to compliment themselves. The light will shine brightly only for strong appreciation like ‘I am beautiful’, encouraging self-affirmation.

Design Informatics, University of Edinburgh

Self-affirmative processes, such as complimenting oneself, promote a positive self-image, improved performance, and the strive for healthy living. They trigger a range of positive responses, among others, making us feel better and being more proactive.
The goal of this project is to create an artefact that will use self-reflection to empower the user. Seeing flattering aspects of our own reflection and praising ourselves is often frowned upon in our culture. However, that kind of activity can empower us and make us more successful and happier. Thus, Alexa’s mirror encourages the user to self-compliment to turn on the lights. The phrase “Alexa Mirror, I am enough” will trigger full illumination, allowing the user to use the mirror to it’s fullest.
Over time with using it regularly, it will become easier to say positive statements to oneself and appreciate the way one is.
The construction is based on an Amazon Echo, which connects to an Arduino to turn on the lights. Amazon Alexa matches the compliment to a list of typical good phrases, which can be extended extensively.


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