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In the CleverCogs project, we explored click and user data of the CleverCogs tablet application, which provides entertainment to users with disabilities. The data set was collected over 10 months from 92 users and provided to the team by researchers of the university and representatives from CleverCogs. The project result gives high lever insights on the users as well as how the system is used.

Design Informatics, University of Edinburgh

The project goal was to analyse and create visualizations for the click and user data of the CleverCogs tablet application. CleverCogs is a tablet application for people with disabilities. The data was hostes by researchers at the university as well as Colin Foskett, the creator of CleverCogs. The data hosts required a deeper understanding of the user group and their usage of the system to inform future services and make improvements.

The findings of the data were presented in a data blog. This approach was chosen so the hosts could interact with the graphs. It would also allow them to make their own assumptions from the visualizations. Our data contained confidential information of vulnerable people. This meant that some visualisations are not published on the blog.

Findings show that the system is most beneficial to the most vulnerable, given the highest acitivity was found in a care facility for people with most severe disabilities who required 24h care. The system is mainly used during weekdays and for entertainment, although it also provides services such as communication with carers and appointment scheduling.

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