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Phishing Report

We created a report, which presents various features of a URL and aids the user in judging the safety of a URL. Features include the domain, search results, unexpected characters and many more. They are presented in way to allow even lay users to understand whether a URL is safe to click on or not.

School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh

Judging the safety of a URL is something that even security experts struggle to do accurately without additional information. In this work, we aim to make experts’ tools accessible to non-experts and assist general users in judging the safety of URLs by providing them with a usable report based on the information professionals use. The design was iterated using 8 focus groups. I then took the resulting design and key outcomes and created the final report. The aim is to present information concisely and allow for easy comparison. The colour scheme is accessible and supports the outcome of the URL analysis. The table format allows for easy comparison between reports and for quick scanning.
The report was evaluated in an online study with 153 participants, which shows that using the report improves the accuracy of judging the safety of a URL. The work was published in CHI 2021 and can be found under the Publications heading.


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